Travel guide to Daman and Diu

 The association domain of Daman and Diu are situated in Western India. The city of Daman and the town of Diu are each viewed as an area of the association region. Nonetheless, these two areas are not close to one another. The Gulf of Khambhat isolates the two, which implies you can't rapidly drive to and fro between them. You should think about flying, riding a train, or taking the transport. To go to Daman and Diu via plane, your first objective ought to be Diu. You'll initially need to begin from the city of Mumbai which is situated in Maharashtra state. There are 6 departures from Mumbai which travel to Diu Airport every week. When you show up, you can investigate Diu island and see every one of the attractions that are there. Then, at that point, when you need to go to Daman, you should fly back to Mumbai and afterward take a train around 180 kilometers north to Vapi. This is a city around 20 kilometers toward the east of Daman. From that point, you can take a taxi, public